Please visit the company store by clicking here.

This portal will feature outerwear, t-shirts, polos, hats and more which are all branded with our new logo. Miller Pipeline and Minnesota Limited collaborated so you will be able to purchase apparel for either company.

As an employee of Miller Pipeline, we encourage you to wear our logo as it represents our core values of commitment and reputation. 

To make the store as affordable as possible for employees, Miller Pipeline covers the cost for the application of our logo on each item and the shipping cost for orders sent to a local office. You will receive your order within 5 business days.

With high interest in the new apparel, if a specific item is out in your size, check back in a couple weeks to see the item restocked. Our team is monitoring all items to ensure a successful online experience.

If you have any questions, please contact HiCORP Customer Service Line 1-877-398-2039 or

Thank you and happy shopping! 

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