Continuous Improvement Update

Wonder what the Continuous Improvement team has been up to this year? Check out the Continuous Improvement section of the Miller Monthly newsletters:

January: Facility of the Month (Dayton, OH)

February: Facility of the Month (Little Rock, AR)

March: CI Corner: Lean Champion (Mike Seifert, Columbus, OH); Facility of the Month (Indianapolis Manufacturing); 6S Crews of the Month

April: Facility of the Month (Hilliard, OH Warehouse); 6S Crews of the Month

May: Facility of the Month (Fredericksburg, VA); 6S Crews of the Month; Lean Champion (Bev Thompson, Indianapolis)

June: Facility of the Month (Hilliard, OH); 6S Crews of the Month 

July: Facility of the Month (Birmingham, AL); 6S Crews of the Month

August: Facility of the Month (Baltimore, MD); 6S Crews of the Month; Lean Champion (Amy Stout, Jonesboro, AR)

September: Idle Reduction Efforts (Watch the video here); Facility of the Month (Toledo, OH); 6S Crews of the Month

October: Facility of the Month (South River, NJ); 6S Crews of the Month; Faces in the Field: Lee Ann Schwartz (Corporate Travel Administrator)

November: Facility of the Month (Indianapolis OQ area); 6S Crews of the Month; Lean Champion (Lexi Pearcy, Corporate Performance Reporting Analyst)

December: Facility of the Month (Pearl, MS); 6S Crews of the Month




Do you have what it takes to be a Miller Pipeline Waste Warrior? Be sure to keep up with the waste warrior videos below or on the Miller Pipeline Facebook page. If you, or someone you know, is a Miller Pipeline waster warrior, tag Miller Pipeline on social media with #MPWasteWarrior to receive a Continuous Improvement t-shirt. The only question now is; how will YOU be a waste warrior?

Jim Romer- Manager, Fleet Services

In this video, Jim shows us how to improve the fleet fueling process to help increase efficiency and to save time and money. By saving time and money, we are able to purchase new equipment and become more efficient in our work. To view his video, click here. 


Dave Graves, Zach Steiner, Brent Williams and Aaron Kimble- Detroit, Michigan

On average, $3,000 of excess tooling is removed from vans after following the 6S process. Graves and crew learned and applied the 6S process to their tool van and they now are organized, eliminated waste and will save unnecessary costs. Great job, team! Click here to view their video.


Caleb Dean- Continuous Improvement Field Support- Ohio Region

Caleb recently completed a Six Sigma Green Belt project to help track steel plates used in the field, with a focus on the Ohio Region. With purchases through the roof, Caleb decided to find a way to cut cost and to efficiently track where steel plates are. By creating an Excel sheet, Dean has helped reduced time wasted looking for plates, and cut costs by renting plates we do not need. View his video by clicking here.


Bill Covell- Director of Warehousing & Logistics

Bill recently completed a Six Sigma Green Belt project which helped him save thousands on our annual UPS expenses. Simple improvements to the shipping process have helped to eliminate guesswork while meeting customer requirements. View his video by clicking here.


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