Course Number Course Name Study Guide
192-0101 Characteristics & Hazards of Natural Gas  Download
192-0201 Gas Detection and Alarm System Maintenance and Performance Test  Download
192-0202 Isolation of Compressor Units  Download
192-0205 Compressor Stn. Insp. & Testing of Remote Cntrl. Shutdown Devices  Download
192-0301 Operating Gas Compressor Units  Download
192-0302 Shutting Down Gas Compressor Units  Download
192-0303 Starting Gas Compressor Units  Download
192-0401 Corrosion Monitoring - Atmospheric, External, and Internal  Download
192-0402 Coating Maintenance  Download
192-0501 Cathodic Protection System Maintenance  Download
192-0503 Cathodic Protection Systems - Electrical Connections  Download
192-0505 Cathodic Protection System Testing  Download
192-0511 Soil Resistivity Testing  Download
192-0512 Pipe-to-Soil Testing  Download
192-0701 Locating, Installing, and Protecting Customer Meters and Regulators  Download
192-0702 Customer Pressure Regulating, Limiting, and Relief Devices - O&M  Download
192-0801 Locating Pipelines  Download
192-0802 Protection During Disturbance of Segment Support  Download
192-0803 Inspection for Damage  Download
192-0804 Damage Prevention During Excavation Activities  Download
192-0901 System Patrolling  Download
192-1001 Cast Iron Joints - Sealing  Download
192-1002 Plastic Pipe - Electrofusion  Download
192-1003 Plastic Pipe - Butt Heat Fusion  Download
192-1004 Plastic Pipe - Sidewall Heat Fusion  Download
192-1005 Plastic Pipe - Mechanical Joints  Download
192-1006 Plastic Pipe - Socket Heat Fusion  Download
192-1201 Leakage Survey: Distribution and Transmission  Download
192-1202 Outside Gas Leakage Investigation, Pinpointing, and Grading  Download
192-1203 Inside Gas Leakage Investigation  Download
192-1301 Leak & Strength Test - Service Lines, Mains, and Transmission Lines  Download
192-1401 Abandonment or Inactivation of Facilities  Download
192-1402 Backfilling  Download
192-1403 Installation of Steel Pipe - Field Bends  Download
192-1404 Casing Vents and Seals  Download
192-1405 Underground Clearances  Download
192-1408 Installation of plastic pipe  Download
192-1409 Installation of Steel Pipe  Download
192-1410 Cover - Service Lines, Mains and Transmission Lines  Download
192-1411 Inspection  Download
192-1413 Line Markers  Download
192-1414 Pipeline Shutdown, Startup or Pressure Change  Download
192-1415 Protection from Hazards  Download
192-1417 Protection when Minimum Cover not Met  Download
192-1418 Purging  Download
192-1419 Uprating: Reinforce or Anchor Offsets, Bends, and Dead-ends  Download
192-1421 Installation of Steel Pipe - Repair of Imperfections or Damage  Download
192-1424 Support and Anchor Maintenance - Exposed Pipeline  Download
192-1425 Tapping Cast and Ductile Iron Pipe  Download
192-1426 Tapping Steel and Plastic Pipe  Download
192-1427 Valve Maintenance  Download
192-1430 Internal Sealing - Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Segments  Download
192-1431 Segment Removal  Download
192-1432 Leak Clamps and Sleeves  Download
192-1501 Odorization - Mains and Transmission Lines  Download
192-1802 Vault Maintenance  Download
192-1803 Pressure Regulating, Limiting, Relief Device - Operation-Maintenance  Download
192-2010 Service Line Replacement  Download
192-2011 Prevention of Accidental Ignition  Download
192-2014 Service Lines Not In Use and Service Discontinuance  Download
192-2301 Uprate Steel Pipeline to Pressure Producing Hoop Stress >= 30% SMYS  Download
192-2302 Uprating Pipeline to Pressure Producing Hoop Stress < 30% SMYS  Download
192-2401 Welding  Download
192-2402 Visual Inspection of Welds  Download
192-2403 Nondestructive Testing of Welds  Download
192-2405 Miter Joints  Download
192-2705 Gas Control  Download








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