Miller Pipeline's initiative to maximize our performance for the betterment of our customers and employees has been referred to as "possible the most significant endeavor taken on by our company in the last five years," by our CEO. Because of the importance and permanence of this initiative, it has been assigned an easily recognizable name and logo: operation IMPACT. Our operations are beginning to notice that the efforts put forth to identify and overcome obstacles to productivity are making an impact.

As of right now:

  • We have identified 5 major metrics by which we evaluate productivity. These metrics are (1)) new main installed, (2) replacement main installed, (3) new services installed, (4) replacement services installed, and (5) tie-ins installed.
  • Approximately 70% of our gas distribution business is utilizing WINS
  • We have over 325 laptops in the field, and hope to have 100% of our field personnel equipped by the end of the year
  • We are currently establishing specified targets for one customer in each of the four regions
  • The daily huddle and goal setting process has been established

All crews should go through the daily huddle and goal setting process each day before work begins to increase efficiency and enable us to hold our position as a strong competitor in the market.  The video below is an example of how the huddle process should work. 


(press play to view 5 minute video)

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